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Open Enrollment occurs every Tuesday at 9 AM and Wednesday at 1 PM. This orientation gives you more information about our services and programs. Below are some rules for open enrollment:

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  • Bring photo ID, social security card, pen
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    Adult Basic Education Program (HiSet)

    Offer academic skills enhancement and HiSet preparation using self-paced computer learning software. Classes are taught by staff of St. Louis Public Schools.

    Missouri Work Assisstance

    The Missouri Work Assistance program (formerly known as the Career Assistance Program) offers comprehensive workforce development services such as orientation/assessment, case management, Individual Employment Plan (IEP) development, and training and employment services.

    Business Office Administrative Training (BOAT+ BTT) – 12 Weeks

    The reengineered BOAT Program offers applicants 12 weeks of aggressively, solution-focused, intense training to master advanced technology together with essential business soft skills necessary to succeed in today's global workforce. The Reengineered BOAT instruction includes, leadership fundementals, strategic planning, emotional inteligence, workplace coounication, conflict resolution, customer service managemtn and career development strategies and much more. This accelerated program focuses heavily on technology training in Microsoft Office Specialist Certifiacations, specifically, MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access. Accepted students will also earn IC Certification (Digital Literacey) and they will earn (8) credit hours toward Certificate of Specialization in Microcomputer Applications or toward AA degree after enrolment at STLCC. Taught by St. LouisCommunity College. **Pending start date

    Computer Numberical Control Manufacturing Program (CNC)- MTA 12 Weeks

    Includes process of manufaturing using manual lathes, milling machines, sharpers and drill presses, numerical coding based on information and data on engineering drawings. Upon completion of thiscourse the students will possess the skills required of production CNC Set-Up Operators.


    Computer Aided Design Technician (CAD)- MTA 16 Weeks

    Program provies trraining in the use of state-of-the-art design and drafting software. The range of instruction includes; line types and their uses, drawing goemetric shapes, making multi-view orthographic drawings, dimensioning and applying text to drawings, drawing scetions views and designing patterns, creating shapes and symbols, creating extruded 3-D shapes, displaying 3D drawings and 3D construstion techniques, constructing wire frames and 3D faces and constructing 3D surface model pro.


    Diesel Technology (DT) - 2 year Associates Degree

    Program is offered as a Certificate of Specialization, Certificate of Proficiency or an AAS Degree. Training includes diesel engine operation and repair, electronic system, drivetrains, fuel systems, preventative maintenance inspection, welding, heating, ventilation and air conditioning service and parts management. Preparation for employment as a medium to heavy truck repair technician. Program is admisistered and classes are taught by St. Louis Community College Forest Park (SLCC). To enroll in this program, you must enroll at SLCC-Forest Park.


    Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Services Technician Program (HVAC)- MTA 12 Weeks

    Classroom instruction with practical, hands-on shop demonstration and application in refrigeration systems, sheet metal, heating and cooling and electricity. This class offers students an opportunity to gain employment in the growing sector of the HVAC field.


    Industrial Certification Program (ICP)- MTA 4 Weeks

    Includes applied shop math, blueprint reading, precision measuring, basic computer, forklift certification, OSHA certification and Workkeys (Level 5) Training and manual machining.


    Licensed Practical Nurse Program (LPN) 1- year

    Provides training which will prepare you for the licensing exam administered by the State of Missouri to become an LPN; Classes are taught by staff of the Special School District.


    Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Program (PTRF)- FSC/ FWCA-6 Weeks

    Provides employment assessment and job preparation services to fathers referred by Father Support Centers (FSC). Fathers are also enrolled in the Within My Reach healthy Marriage and Relationship Education curriculum.


    DOL Training to Work Adult Reintergration Program (T2W)- FSC/ FWCA

    Provides placement & retention services, assesments and skill training, to individuals referred from Fathers' Support Center. The T2W Program is designed to foster pre-release services and the attainment of industry-recognized credentials to improve the long-term workforce outcomes for previously incarcerated individuals.


    Industry Pre-Employment Services- FWCA

    Provides recruitment, life-skills & soft-skills training for various employers. Will work with job candidates to develop their cognitive thinking and behavior through an executive functioning process.


    PrivateBank Entrepreneurship Program-FWCA/ MET Center-12 Weeks

    This program is designed for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. Upon successful completion of the program, participants have the opportunity to apply for a loan up to $10K. Additionally, the participant is matched with a mentor for the first year of business.

    National Disablilty Institute Tax Preparation Services-FWCA/ MET Center

    National initiative providing free online federal and state tax preparation and filing to qualified individuals.

    Child Care Center-FWCA-(Coming Summer 2014)

    An 18,000 sq. ft. facility adjacent to the Wellston Metrolink that will serve 121 children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. In addition to child care, the facility will also offer early childhood education and parenting classes. Family and Workforce Centers of America (FWCA) will operate and manage the facility.Scheduled to open August 2014, FWCA will begin to accept applications May-June 2014.


    Metropolitian Training Alliance (MTA) 8-16 weeks

    Incorporates hands-on training with classroom skill development in applied math, blueprint reading, computer skills warehouse operations, precision measuring; Preparation for employment in computer numerical controlled machining and manufacturing industries and apprenticeship programs.

    MET Mobility Center

    The MET (Metropolitan Education and Training) Mobility Center mission is to connect job seekers dealing with transportation barriers to various employers throughout the region.

    Missouri Next Generation Career Center

    Missouri Career Centers are ”one-stop shops” for all employment and training needs. Businesses, job seekers, and those with special needs can visit any one of our career centers throughout the state and receive valuable work for services. Located in many communities across the state, Missouri Career Centers represent a partnership of Federal, state, and local employment training organizations that are tailored to reflect the specific needs in each local community. Located in each Missouri Career Center are resource areas is equipped with computers, fax machines, telephones and other resources to assist with locating employment or employees.